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Andy Grammer's Concert Was All Good Parts!

Andy Grammer rocked the crowd at San Diego’s House of Blues on St. Patrick’s Day. The singer known for his smash hits such as “Keep Your Head Up”, “Honey, I’m Good”, and “Fresh Eyes,” sang his heart out to a sold out show. It was my first time at the show and I’m not the biggest fan of pop music but Andy Grammer did not disappoint me. Even though the main demographic of the show were drunk, middle-aged people, he still connected me.

I got to cover the show as press but somehow, I won four tickets to the show through a contest set by House of Blues from a few days prior. I was fortunate to wrangle up a few friends on St. Patrick’s Day to see the multi-platinum singer and he impressed me. Despite not  listening to the radio too often, it’s still unavoidable to have heard some of Andy Grammer’s most popular songs. This man’s music is everywhere from television to film.

So it was a surprise by me to hear and enjoy songs like “Fine By Me” And “Smoke Clears”. There’s a reason why “Fresh Eyes” and “Keep Your Head Up” are as popular as they are but his other songs are still good. It was an unique experience to see a crowd of drunks screaming at the top of their lungs to the lyrics of  his song “Grown Ass Man Child”. He even threw in some curveballs by adding covers like Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” and Khalid’s “Young, Dumb, and Broke” to the end of some of his songs.

Of course, everyone loves his most recognizable song “Keep Your Head Up” but he ended the show on a strong note by playing “Fresh Eyes” and “Honey, I’m Good” at the end of his set. Before he left the crowd, he gave a speech on how to keep a positive attitude and he was happy the crowd came to see him sing. He ended the night with an encore and played “Good Parts”. His speech and the song seemed to summarize the concert to me. His set and life in general is not perfect. However, the good parts makes it all worth it.

Written by: Christian Le

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