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On March 8, 2017, the Aztec Music Group executive board had the fortunate opportunity to hear from the future leaders of San Diego State University. Every year in March, Associated Students (A.S.) at San Diego State University holds an annual election to elect the student body representatives of the institution. As a student organization that aims to provide entertainment, performance opportunities, and music industry knowledge to the San Diego State University community, Aztec Music Group is proud to endorse Kyla Blaylock for ASUB Representative, Brie Hornig for Vice President of University Affairs, and Shannon Sneade for Executive Vice President.

During endorsement deliberations, we made sure that this endorsement primarily came from a place of music. As the Aztec Music Group, we can’t speak on the basis of most political issues such as: campus safety discussions, the Aztec Mascot, or price of tuition debates.

However, we directly pride ourselves on speaking for the interests of all SDSU students who are passionate about campus music life. Whether that means students interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, or the student who is trying to find a Coachella Weekend 1 ticket. All candidates that we have endorsed during this election cycle are who we believe will advocate and pride themselves on the advancement of music culture and music life at San Diego State University.


AMG hosted two candidates for the ASUB Representative position. These two candidates were Cara Wolder and Kyla Blaylock. Kyla definitely stood out to us due to her passion and upbringing with music and how she wanted to work directly with us for Associated Students’ new media studio opening in the 2017-2018 year. Her experience within Associated Students stood out to the organization due to her current class standing as a first year.

In contrast, that same music life and culture ingrained in Kyla didn’t feel as natural within Cara. We believe as a potential ASUB Representative, Kyla will advocate for more music centric events in the Student Union and push to diversify ASUB funds to bring in guest speakers and unique events that incorporate a music lifestyle onto campus.

When speaking on topics about improved communication between Aztec Music Group and the Aztec Student Union Board, Kyla pledged to be front and center in situations where AMG collaborates with divisions of ASUB. Communication has not always been clear or smooth with Associated Students during this past year; however, with her experience and background, we believe that she will be an ally for Aztec Music Group and all students passionate about music on campus.


For the Vice President of University Affairs position, AMG hosted three candidates. These students were Michael Kumura, Chris Thomas and Brie Hornig. During their speeches, AMG felt that Chris and Brie were the two strongest candidates for our endorsement. What we believe seperated Brie from Chris was how much knowledge she had about our organization mission, history, vision and what we hope to become in the future. She addressed our concerns about SDSU’s current Music Entrepreneurship program and how we can advocate towards a model like CSU Northridge’s.

We also thought Chris Thomas was very impressive throughout his speech and interaction with us. He also addressed our concerns about the Music Entrepreneurshipmajor here at San Diego State and pledged to work with campus administrators to make the major more inclusive for students passionate about music. After deliberations, we stand by Brie’s vision of an academic life of music at SDSU, but either way you choose to vote, we believe you are in great hands with either candidate.


Last but not least, AMG hosted the two candidates that are running for Executive Vice President. These two candidates were Vanessa Girard and Shannon Sneade. We were beyond impressed by both of these candidates and how much they talked about their vision of campus life through music at San Diego State University.

During her speech, Vanessa Girard spoke about how she currently is the Vice Commissioner of Operations for the Aztec Student Union and how she is currently overseeing the plans and implementation of the new Associated Students’ media studio. When asked about her vision and the governance of this facility as the Chief Operations Officer of A.S., she explained how she wants to make sure that this facility is free for students and how she wants to work hand-in-hand with Aztec Music Group when it comes to the selection of equipment and feel of the studio. She also mentioned how she wants to collaborate with AMG during GreenFest.

Shannon Sneade, during her speech, advocated very much of the same things that Girard spoke of. Aiming toward an inclusive and equitable vision of the A.S. media studio, Sneade spoke of her experience as the Vice Chair of GreenFest and how she wants to connect Aztec Music Group in the branding and promoting of the event to enhance the campus music culture. Policy and music initiative-wise we felt the candidates were very similar. However, what separated Sneade from Girard was Sneade’s familiarity with the events we have held and will hold on campus (Silent Disco, Entertainment Industry Panel, AAPI Representation in Music, Media & Popular Culture) and with the now two-years-old organization’s culture.


We want to sincerely thank all of the candidates that spent their valuable time speaking to Aztec Music Group about their vision of a music vibrant campus at San Diego State University. If you are undecided, please educate yourself about each of these candidates and what they will prioritize during their potential term in office.

However, if you want to vote in the A.S. elections for the candidate that will push for your music interests, we believe that you should stand behind Kyla Blaylock, Brie Hornig and Shannon Sneade. Thank you for your time and make sure you go and vote. You can learn more about the individual candidates and their perspective teams below:

Kyla Blaylock -

Brie Hornig -

Shannon Snead -

Click HERE to vote now!

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