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Billie Eilish Stops In The Right City For Her Avocados And A Sold-Out Show

Some know her as “Wherearetheavocados” on Instagram, most know her as Billie Eilish, and if you don’t know her, you will soon. Eilish stopped at the right city on her Where’s My Mind Tour if she was looking for some avocados. Last night, Eilish performed a sold-out show at the intimate, upscale downtown San Diego venue, MusicBox.

The show opened with Eilish’s two musicians shooting money cannons into the crowd. Billion Dolla Billies flying everywhere as fans eagerly reached out to try and snag one. However, it didn’t distract them from the real Billionaire Billie that walked out moments after.

Eilish came out dressed head to toe in an all-white apparel from her own merchandise. She opened with her song “Bellyache” off her 2017 debut EP Don’t Smile At Me. A gloom-pop album mixing all genres. From pop, grunge, hip-hop, to trap, you can’t categorize Eilish, and she doesn’t want you to.

The crowd was in sync with EiIish’s entire performance. When Eilish slowed it down for her 2016 single “Six Feet Under,” fans stood quietly to hear every angelic harmony that came out of her mouth. When she hyped it up for “My Boy” off the new EP, the crowd was right there belting lyrics, waving hands and bopping heads along with her.

“I need you guys to know you are the most respectful crowd ever.”

— Eilish said

Eilish surprised the crowd with a ukelele cover of “Hotline Bling” that led into the recognizable phone ringing that starts her song “Party Favor.” A rendition no one expected, but if it was to be done, this badass was the one to do it. She also blessed the crowd with an unreleased song…you’ll find out soon.

Midway through, Eilish invited an unexpected member of her band to perform his own original song as she stepped aside and watched proudly. Finneas O’Connell, the man who produced the song that unintentionally became a viral breakthrough on Soundcloud and put Eilish on the map. That song was “Ocean Eyes,” and that man was her older brother.

Eilish's performance revealed that even the most badass artist can be vulnerable. She spilled her emotions out in each song, giving a piece of her heart to each and every audience member in the crowd that night.

“You saved my life!” One audience member shouted during a silence.
“I saved YOUR life?” Eilish said. “You guys saved MY life.”

Eilish ended the show leaving it all on stage with her song “CopyCat,” the first song off the album.  

“Songs, stage presence, voice, vibe,” as Tove Lo put it, “you’re it Billie Eilish.” Come back to San Diego soon, please. Your avocados await.
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