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Fidlar Performs at the Observatory North Park!

The venue was already filled and buzzing with anticipation when I arrived to see FIDLAR at the Observatory North Park on their latest North American tour. Special guests Dilly Dally and The Side Eyes had done a great job of pumping up the crowd which meant that as soon as the main act came out, everyone would be ready to party. FIDLAR’s stage setup also added to the excitement which included a huge hand painted banner with the band’s name, along with an assortment of old television monitors lit up with more FIDLAR art.

As soon as the band came out, it was a never ending flow of electric liveliness, both from the guys and the crowd. Their songs would seem to pass by quickly but only because everyone was enjoying themselves so much as the band gave one hundred percent of their energy.

FIDLAR started off their set with “Alcohol” which had everyone screaming along to the song and then moved into one of my own personal favorites “No Waves.”

Throughout the rest of the concert, FIDLAR continued to show off their characteristic high-energy performance quality with songs like “40oz. On Repeat,” “West Coast,” and “Cheap Beer.” They never missed a beat and seamlessly transitioned between songs which made for an amazing concert experience.

I ended the night with my ears buzzing from the loud music but I’d also fallen even more in love with this group that lives by the words that make up their name, “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk.”

Written by: Andrea Hoffman

Photography by: Andrea Hoffman

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