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Foxtide and Kocean at Bridges

Hello everyone, and welcome to the iPhone quality music review. This is a new installment from the AMG team where we provide you with the ins and outs of our local San Diego music scene, obviously with the goal of impressing that indie hottie you see getting BCB in the morning. You know, it’s not enough to be a skater kid anymore, so we’re here to provide you that edge.

This past weekend at Bridges, local band Foxtide brought together a lineup to support the debut of their new music video for their song “Everything That’s Mine” and boy was it amazing. Having a good performance is already difficult enough, but to play a seamless set with the mic shocking your mouth, and breaking a guitar string, was truly impressive. They’re exactly what I would call a “healthy relationship band”, where you have the perfect balance of gentle swaying with your S/O, but can also run into the mosh pit when you’re feeling a little restless.

Foxtide brings a traditional jazzy influence into every show as they play around with new improvisations, rhythms, and vocalizations live. You won’t ever see the same performance twice from them. From “Everything That’s Mine”, “All I C '', and their very own version of “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, each brought a unique sonic experience with the overarching classic Southern Californian sound everyone's itching for. So let’s make sure to save those cute outfits you ruin at frat parties for a more deserving occasion where they’re playing way better music that you can actually dance to.

That’s enough of my own words for now, here is how the band would describe themselves: “We’re basically normal guys. We love Daygo and surf reggae, we hate Machine Gun Kelly because he’s a b***h and The real Slim Shady is better. Politically, we support Adam Sandler. We might be breaking out some matching tracksuits very soon.” We would love to see the tracksuits. Please bring out the tracksuits.

Joining Foxtide was our very own Kocean, who brings out that lovely toxic infatuation in their music that you can just scream to. During their performance, we saw plenty of way-too-hot-to-be-heartbroken people taking out their frustrations in one of the most fun mosh pits I’ve ever participated in. If you’re finally done being an exclusive “Olivia Rodrigo when I’m sad” kind of person, this band will give you everything you could ever want and more with quality instrumentation and lyricism. Also, who doesn’t love a keyboard solo?

Their performance this last Friday was definitely lauded by the crowd in more ways than one, including a bra being thrown on stage and dedicated to lead singer, Kaitlyn Elizabeth. Their original songs “Should’ve Known” and “Laila” were the highlights of their performance, but the Scooby-Doo theme song was definitely a top contender also.

Their self-described “surf-rock sound” is perfectly paired with the bright grunge vocals and smooth keyboarding. Make sure you make it out to their next show to support your fellow San Diego State students (and AMG’S Director of Community Affairs)! Seeing their talent will definitely push you to finish that essay in an attempt to assure yourself that you, too, are successful in college.

Written by: Daisy Beltran

Photos courtesy of Paul Martin (@sdshowz)

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