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I Got Money Problems

Max Frost. Voo Doo Room, House of Blues. April 8th 2018.

As I cross the streets to House of Blues I can already hear music playing outside the venue. Walking into the Voo Doo room I am encapsulated by the yellow lights that shine brightly behind Max Frost as he plays his guitar and watches the audience react to the music he created.

Photo by: Delfina Glover

The Voo Doo room seemed to be made for him. The staging was vital to his performance as it acted as another instrument and tool for him to use. What was so unique about his performance was his versatility as an artist. He stood in the middle of the stage surrounded by many different instruments and the audience couldn’t help but wait and burn with curiosity over what he would throw at them next. Max Frost is unpredictable in a way and that makes him authentic. Everyone in the room knew his songs from "Goodmorning," "White Lies," "Money Problems," to "Die Young," but we had never seen them like that. To see his passion and craftsmanship as a performer was overwhelming. From upbeat songs that you can just dance all night too, to his more emotional pieces, Max Frost displayed a wide range vocally. People enjoyed his music previously but the recorded version of his songs undercut his immense talent. His music was alive tonight.

Photo by: Delfina Glover

The lights enhanced the overall experience for each song. Sometimes the lights matched the beat like a clap and became a visual representation of his music itself. For the more intense parts, with rapping or a guitar solo the lights burned red. When Max Frost wanted the crowd to focus on him the lights moved towards his body on the wall behind him. I was impressed by the lighting design that was unique for each song. He really communicated his feelings and the songs meaning through all of the lights. This was probably one of the first times where I noticed just how much lighting can enhance a concert experience. The intimacy of Voo Doo room made the concert feel less staged and more personal. It was Max Frost's space and you were experiencing the concert as he wanted you too.

Photo by: Delfina Glover

One of my favorite moments of the show had to be when he sang "Irreplacable" by Beyoncé on stage with his opener Upsahl. It was a song that everyone knew no matter their age and it couldn’t help but bring the whole room together again. This song proved to be a nice introduction for those that were seeing him for the first time and allowed him to create a closer bond with his fans.

Written by: Dominique Torres

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