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I Wish Kate Nash's Concert Lasted Forever!

While it’s been over ten years since the release of Kate Nash’s smash hit, “Foundations”, she’s still good as she was back then. Hailing from across the pond from the UK, the singer-songwriter is an international star.  Already releasing three previous albums, it was exciting to finally get into her music and see her perform in my home town. Coming off the release of her fourth album, Yesterday Was Forever, Kate Nash came to San Diego to perform at the Observatory North Park in San Diego on April 12th.

Kate Nash kicked off the show by playing “Play” off her iconic debut album, Made of Bricks. It was great finally able to hear some of the songs off the album live. You can tell she’s worked hard to develop herself to perform as well as she has on stage and her experience definitely showed. Kate Nash as so young when she she released Made of Bricks so it was great to see how much she has grown as a performer since then. 

She’s a treat to see live and I highly recommend seeing her if you can. The new songs show how Nash has evolved as an artist since her debut. "Foundations”, is fantastic to hear live and her newer songs really connected with the crowd. Kate Nash is a hell of a performer. She was playing the guitar and piano during her entire set but still kept the crowd involved by talking with them. She has such a relatable and friendly personality that was refreshing to see when you’re watching someone perform live. 

She has such a fantastic singing voice but whether she is singing, rapping, screaming, you cannot help but recognize how talented and gifted Kate Nash is. You can tell why this show was sold out because everyone in the crowd were loyal fans of her’s or just loved her music. It’s easy to see why people love Kate Nash and it’s amazing to see how she has continued to improve as a singer and performer. If you want to have a good time while listening to good music, Kate Nash is a safe bet to have both.

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