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Interview With Starcrawler

Starcrawler is one of the best bands of 2019. The punk rock band, hailing from Los Angeles, are known for their breakneck paced songs and wildly charismatic stage presence. Whether you see them live or by even just listening on your phone, the energy from their music is highly contagious. It's almost impossible for you to feel like jumping in a mosh pit or dancing when you listen to their music. If you think i'm lying then I highly recommend you listen to their latest album Devour You. Is it one of the best albums this year? Listen and see for yourself.

Kendall Fortner, a member of Aztec Music Group, had the chance to speak with Arrow De Wilde and Henri Cash, two members of Starcrawler.

How is your day today?

Arrow: Pretty good, busy.

Henri: Going well, very busy.

Is there a song that you’re most proud of writing?

Henri: "Born Asleep". Lyrically, it is one of the best songs we have written.

Arrow: Same for me, Henri did most of the lyrics and I just contributed to them to the last verse. I really like them.

What show that you guys have played that has been the most memorable to you?

Arrow: Japan for the first time in a town called Negoya outside of Yokyo. It was a small venue, it was packed and sold out. Everyone went nuts. This guy rammed his head into the wall, there was like a lot of blood dripping down his face. Everyone was going pretty nuts. There was a good amount of kids there but it looked like a lot of men who had just gotten off of work. It was a lot of fun!

Henri: I really like the last show we played in Spain. It was at Atkins Festival or something. It was super personable and the Japan show.

Is there somewhere you’re looking forward to playing this tour?

Henri: The Fonda, it’s like a hometown show for us and a big step up.

Arrow: Yeah.

Where did the idea of all the theatrics that go into your performance come from?

Arrow: There’s a lot of inspiration. Ozzy Osbourne and The Runaways. I have taken a lot of inspiration from them since they were the ones doing it. Oh my god! I’ve said inspired so many times I sound ridiculous. They were the ones who made me want to start performing. Hopefully it comes off this way, but I kind of wanted it to be like, my own thing.

Is there anything you learned from playing with Beck and Cage the Elephant that you have implemented into your shows? Like a pre-show ritual or techniques in general.

Arrow: The only thing i can think of for me at least is vodka.

Henri: Yeah that was a good one. It was really cool that they had had a full practice place in dressing room the dressing room for each band so they could rehearse before they even played. Which I thought was really smart. We don’t have the space for that yet.

Moving on to some more fun question.. Have you ever heard of Lily and Arrow’s Power Hour?

Arrow: Oh my god! Wow so funny. Nardwuar? Me and my friend Lily, we weren’t Starcrawler yet and she was kind of an og member. We were friends in high school and I was like "Oh you want to start a band?" and we found Austin. Basically, it was a way to get out of classes and hang out all day. We started a school radio podcast, even though like nobody listened to it. But that is why it was fun! We got to go and listen to music for an hour. We recorded it in our school's supply closet/dark room. We were trapped in there, you know, they were developing pictures right outside and if we opened the door, we would ruin their photos with the light. So we pretty much just camped out in that supply closet and would be late for class and blast music. It was so much fun. The show was kind of stupid but, it was more fun making it.

What can you tell me about the band ChubbHouse Y Los Honeys?

Henri: I was in that band before Starcralwer, but everyone was older than me. Kind of the story of my life. I didn’t really know people my age that like did music and stuff so. So yeah it was cool. You really are like Nardwuar here!

Just kind of wrapping it up, but do you have any final words for fans, friends, family?

Arrow: I don't know. Where is AMG based?

San Diego

Arrow: Oh yeah! We’re playing a free show in San Diego and it’s all ages at Vinyl Junkie or whatever. It’s at a record store.

Henri: All the venues in San Diego are 21+ and once our show got cancelled, we didn’t want to play a 21+ show. Instead of doing that, we said fuck it and are playing the record store so everyone could come.

Anything else you guys want to top this off with?

Henri: I don’t know… Global warming?

Arrow: Just come to our shows!

Listen to Starcrawler's high anticipated sophomore album Devour You and catch them on tour!

10/11/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge

10/12/19 - Denver, CO - Lost Lake Lounge

10/14/19 - Kansas City, MO - The Riot Room

10/15/19 - Omaha, NE - Reverb Lounge

10/16/19 - Saint Paul, MN - Turf Club

10/17/19 - Chicago IL - Lincoln Hall

10/19/19 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern

10/22/19 - Montreal - Bar Le Rtiz PDB

10/23/19 - Somerville, MA - ONCE Ballroom

10/25/19 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg

10/26/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle

10/27/19 - Washington, DC - Pie Shop

10/28/19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Café

10/30/19 - Detroit, MI - Hell Night @Third Man Records

10/31/19 - Nashville, TN - Halloween @Third Man Records

11/1/19 - Atlanta, GA - Aisle 5

11/2/19 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa

11/5/19 - Austin, TX - Barracuda

11/8/19 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar

11/9/19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre

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