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It's Not Almost Everyday You Get To See Matt and Kim Live

On April 9th, Matt and Kim came to perform in San Diego at The Observatory North Park. On April 9th, I had some of the most fun i’ve ever had at a concert. The indie-electronic duo headlined a sold-out show with openers, TWINKIDS and CRUISR. I admit, I was never the biggest fan of Matt and Kim. Of course, I loved their song “Daylight” but seeing them live with all the energy and everything they incorporated into their set made me become a huge fan.

Matt and Kim came out to a roaring crowd who were awaiting them to go on stage. The pair started off right away with their song, “It’s Alright”. Right away, I was captivated by how the instant they came on to the stage, they were just full of energy. The energy was infectious too as the crowd got rowdy as Matt and Kim did. Early off in the set, Kim was dancing and standing on top of her chair and just feeding off the energy of the crowd. 

Despite the concert being on a Monday, the crowd was more of a weekend crowd. Matt and Kim were playing song after song and the crowd did not relent and was still matching their energy. Not even at punk shows have I ever seen so many people crowd surf before. Matt and Kim made sure the crowd was very involved as well by bringing balloons, blow-up dolls, and even an inflatable lounge chair for someone in the audience to crowd surf on. One of my favorite moments of the concert was the duo asking the crowd to separate into two sides in order to do the wall of death. 

They closed off the show by playing everyone’s favorite song, “Daylight” and just seeing everyone in the crowd dancing and singing along to them playing was just an amazing thing to see. Matt and Kim said goodbye but came back for an encore and ended the night perfectly. When they played “Let’s Go”, confetti and balloons dropped from the ceiling and ended what was one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen. 

Make sure to see them on the rest of their tour and make sure to listen to their album, “Almost Everyday”, when it comes out in May!

Written by: Christian Le

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