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King Tuff Makes The Casbah His Kingdom

When you hear King Tuff, you would probably imagine a tough king. In actuality, the name refers to the musician but also the name of his band. I remember first hearing King Tuff when my friend played one of his songs on the way back home from school. I was hooked to his sound immediately. 

The music King Tuff creates is filled with synths reminiscent of the 1980's, psychedelic funk rock, or can even sound like a classic rock song. Their music is nostalgic but refreshing at the same time. There are numerous venues the band could have played at but the Casbah seemed fitting. The band was perfect for the venue and fans were excited to see them live. 

King Tuff released his fifth album, The Other, back in April. For fans who saw him live but have never heard much of the album before were lucky. He played most of the album during his set. That night was seemed more of an "Intimate Night with King Tuff" with the amount of songs he played that night. Fans got more than their money's worth and the band made it a priceless memory.

King Tuff started his set with title track from The Other and just kept playing songs from the album. The songs kept people on their feet and you couldn't help but to groove along with tunes. The songs were fantastic and definitely one of my favorite shows to date. If you had to compare the songs from studio quality to the live version, the live versions trump the other. They even came out to play a few more songs as an encore and I finally got to hear "Sun Medallion" live. King Tuff came, performed, and conquered the Casbah and the crowd became new citizens of his kingdom.

Setlist The Other Raindrop Blue Circuits in the Sand Birds of Paradise Unusual World Thru the Cracks Psycho Star Ultraviolet(new song) Freak When I’m Dead Neverending Sunshine Infinite Mile No Man’s Land

Encore Eyes of the Muse Sun Medallion Bad Thing

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