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Lauren Ruth Ward Rocks The Soda Bar

On May 29th, Lauren Ruth Ward graced Soda Bar with her presence to a crowd full of people. Lauren Ruth Ward is a singer/songwriter who hails from the great state of Maryland. She used to be hair stylist before trading in a blow dryer for a microphone. I've never seen her live before so I was excited to see what she had to offer.

I came to the show and made it in time for the first opener, Somme. Off the hype of her debut EP which dropped earlier in May, it was great to see what she had to offer. She played songs off the EP and I was very into her songs. Her sound was pretty refined for someone relatively new to the scene. Her song "Long Time" turned me into a fan and I can't wait for her to come back to San Diego.

The second opener was Yip Yops. The band originated in Coachella Valley and even have performed at the festival. The band is incredibly talented and their sound was refreshing to hear. Even though they looked young, they seemed like veterans on stage. The band was very charismatic and the lead singer had fantastic stage presence. He just oozed charisma. Maybe that's why I had so much fun watching them and could not look away from them during their set. 

Last but not least was the main event. The lady of the hour, Lauren Ruth Ward came onto the stage to an eager audience. The first thing I noticed about the singer was her hair. It was colorful and vibrant, I wouldn't be surprised if she did her hair herself. The artist released her latest album Well, Hell back in February and I liked what I heard on first lesson. Seeing her perform it live took it to another level though. She had a great stage presence and I can tell she got and her band got along well. She seemed as good of a person as she is as a singer. She's coming back to open for Shakey Graves on June 24th in case you missed your chance seeing her perform. Thanks to the Soda Bar for being a great venue and a big shout out to Lauren Ruth Ward for coming down to perform!

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