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Mac DeMarco at The Music Box

Concert Review

Mac DeMarco has been one of the more prolific indie rockers in recent time. His music is great but his demeanor on social media and on stage has what have gotten fans enamored with him. Alot of people were ecstatic when Mac announced he would come down to perform in San Diego but no one knew it would be a special type of performance. He was doing solo set at the Music Box. Within a few days of the tickets being online, the show sold out. My mind was racing with thoughts on how Mac was going to performing solo so I headed to the venue to find out.

I got inside the venue and settled for a place to see the stage since it was crammed with people inside. I glanced at the stage and right off the bat, I knew this was going to be a good show. I noticed how it was filled with all these random props and playing in the background was a looped video of the sky. When Mac came out, the crowd went wild. He started off with playing an acoustic guitar and the first song he sang was “Salad Days”. Throughout the whole night, the crowd was singing along with him for every song and it really showed how loved Mac was.

He played a medley of songs and even played songs from most of his projects, ranging from last year’s This Old Dog to his breakout LP, 2. Despite the somber mood of the songs, Mac kept crowd’s interest with funny ancedotes in between songs. Stories ranging from his first experience eating at the Waffle house and touring behind the Insane Clown Posse, the last time he was in San Diego, were hysterical. My favorite story of his was about a cat named Annie that got ran over by a car and he buried her in a shoe box.  A grim tale which he used to segway into his song “Annie”.

He ended his set with an encore of “Watching Him Fade Away” and it was a beautiful way to end the set. Shortly after, Mac abruptly dropped the mic and the show ended. While people may have been surprised at the mellow vibe of the show due to Mac’s wild antics and his energy when playing with a backing band, it was still alot of fun regardless. Whether by himself or with a band, if you see Mac DeMarco live, he’ll never disappoint. 

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