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Ocean Park Standoff, your new feel-good driving with the windows down on a sunny day favorite, just released their first self-titled EP. I spoke with Ethan Thompson, OPS vocalist, in an interview you can read here. The L.A. band is comprised of singer/ songwriter Ethan Thompson, internationally famous DJ and musician Samantha Ronsonand producer/ drummer Pete Nappi. I was a huge fan of “Photos & Liquor” and “Good News” when the singles came out and now they are accompanied by three other songs: “Lost Boys,” “We Do” and “Tunnel Lights” all enclosed in the EP. So, let’s talk about it.

Photos & Liquor,” which came out with “Good News” in 2016, is my personal favorite. The band was inspired by a photo of vocalist Thompson kissing his girlfriend at a beach. The photo looks like a sweet, captured moment, when in reality the couple were fighting and Thompson had kissed his girlfriend just to stop the argument. The trio was inspired by the way that pictures portray things and how nothing seems to capture the bad moments. Although the song is about twisted memories and distorted images, it’s still got their signature beachy-vibe feel, to the extent that the last few seconds of the song almost sound like waves crashing onto the shore. Ahh.  

Good News” is the group’s most popular song, racking up over 2 million listens on Spotify. The song is an upbeat juxtaposition that strangely makes you feel good, even though it’s pleading for some happiness in the world. As the catchy beat makes you happy, Thompson cries, “Feels like the world’s gone crazy.” This one hits the feels, maybe because it’s so relatable. Listen to this one when you need a pump-up song that’ll also make you feel heard.

“We Do” is all about doing what feels good and living in the moment. This hit is one of the three songs that were newly released on the EP, after the single drop teasers “Good News” and “Photos & Liquor.” It follows the “perfect beach day playlist” theme of the EP, and of Ocean Park Standoff in general. This one’s got a little more party to it than “Photos & Liquor” and “Good News” and a provocative edge.

Speaking of partying, “Lost Boys” is the epitome of letting go and being crazy. The song literally encourages taking your clothes off and jumping into the ocean. Still beachy, but this one and “We Do” get a little more electronic-based and dance-y, while “Good News” is super pop. “Lost Boys” is about being young and having fun, as the lyrics “We’re never gonna grow up, least not ‘till the sun’s up” might refer to Peter Pan’s lost boys who never want to grow up. The title fits this carefree and happy message.

Tunnel Lights” sounds like the love song of the EP. Its lyrics don’t suggest anything romantic—but the feel of the song is dramatic, cathartic, and breathtaking. It also introduces a focus on guitar. “Tunnel Lights” is the least beachy just because of its intensity, but is still a feel-good.

This EP is exactly what OPS fans have been starving for. It’s a continuation of the greatness in “Photos &Liquor” and “Good News,” complete with the mood-lifting tunes that also make you think.  This EP is promising for OPS’s future and will contribute to making their tour this summer extra-awesome. Check it out here!

Content Strategist at Aztec Music Group

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