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SAN DIEGO (Nov. 10, 2016)---Grab some dancing shoes and a free ticket to Aztec Music Group’s second annual Silent Disco this Thursday, Nov. 10, in Montezuma Hall from 9 p.m. to midnight at San Diego State University.

Tickets are free with a valid Red ID or an 18 and older drivers license, and for the second year in a row, Quiet Events will supply headphones that link up to three different music channels for participants to choose from.

“It’s just one huge fun dance party but the music is all in your headphones,” Anthony Lee, AMG president, said.

According to AMG, the Silent Disco is showcasing four SDSU student DJs and a playlist created by the organization. 

“What makes it special is that the music is by SDSU students for SDSU students," Lee said. "We take pride in the fact that we believe we provide the only mass platform for SDSU student DJs to perform on campus in front of their peers.”

AMG’s selection committee received a handful of DJ submissions this year and has narrowed it down to their top six, according to AMG’s Vice President of Communication, Claudia Hernandez.

“We had a lot of talented DJ applicants this year so the decision was challenging, but we are confident that the attendees will enjoy the DJs as much as we do,” Rachel Parlier, AMG’s vice president of events, said.

This is Parlier’s first year as vice president of event coordination and first time planning the Silent Disco. According to Parlier, AMG’s goal this year is to get a larger crowd and show students what AMG is all about.

“Aztec Music Group values teamwork and we work extremely hard to plan events for the campus to enjoy,” Parlier said.

SDSU senior and recording-audio engineer major, Alec Lobato, was a member of AMG last year and a DJ at last years Silent Disco. According to Lobato, the silent disco was an interesting experience from the DJ’s perspective.

“You constantly have on two pairs of headphones; one pair to cue music and one pair to hear what the crowd is hearing, it was an entirely different experience than what I'm used to,” Lobato said.

Alec Lobato DJing at AMG's Inaugural Silent Disco

AMG’s Silent Disco started last year when TIDAL reached out to the organization, according to Elaina Johnson, vice president of marketing.

“No other Silent Discos had been on campus, it was like a new concept,” Johnson said.

According to their official website, AMG was founded on March 6, 2015, after the Assistant Dean of the College of Business, Tita Gray, encouraged a group of students to start an organization on campus that collaborated with other students, faculty and the community. It is now a student organization at SDSU that combines music with business. Their mission is to provide entertainment, artist development/exposure, performance opportunities and music industry knowledge to the SDSU community.

“Our club is unique because we try to diversify our group in order to get new ideas and to be able to collaborate with other members,” Parlier said.

Hernandez gave her thoughts on the organization also.

“We are a collection of students who share a passion for music and the industry,” Hernandez said.

Johnson also stated why she enjoys being a member of AMG.

“Aztec Music Group is the one place I can come on campus and know I am surrounded by people who feel the same about music,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, AMG is also a useful outlet for anyone interested in learning more about the music industry or networking with people in the industry. Johnson is a business marketing major hoping to work in the music industry after she graduates.

“AMG is a good way to get a foot into the industry early,” Johnson said.

According to their website, AMG invites guest speakers from the music industry or who have been worked with similar college programs, to educate members. AMG members also write interviews on student artist and producers which can be found on their website under “The Corner.”

In a recent article Lee wrote for the AMG website, titled “Our Vision: Now and into the Future,” he stated the intentions of AMG, what it means to him and the goal for AMG within the next 5-10 years.

“To become a leading university-based music business entity that advances SDSU culture and the SDSU student’s pursuit of a career in the music industry, that is our goal,” Lee said. 

According to Gray, on the organization’s website she stated that before AMG was created there was a void on campus because this collaborative platform did not exist for students.

The annual Silent Disco is meant for just that. Get free tickets online now at and RSVP to the event on the AMG Facebook page

The official DJs announced by the organization are Filthy Youth, DJ Thrxlla, Post Elvis & HiFi, Instill, Apollo V and SemiPro.

Join the silent disco conversation online using #EmbracetheSilenceSDSU when you post on social media. 

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