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The Faim & Stand Atlantic at the Soma San Diego

On October 17, 2019, Australian bands Stand Atlantic and The Faim brought their co-headline tour to San Diego with support from WSTR and Point North.

Point North and WSTR both did a great job at getting the crowd prepared and excited for the two headliners to come. From moshing to screaming lyrics, San Diego was obviously ready for a night of interactive live music.

Alex Tobijanski from WSTR opens up for the Faim and Stand Atlantic.

Starting off with "Push," Stand Atlantic had the crowd instantly full of energy and love for the band they had not seen since March. The tight space began to feel more tight-knit as the crowd screamed every lyric, and started insane mosh pits, with each person interacting with another for the shared purpose of loving live music.

The Faim's Josh Raven sings onstage with Stand Atlantic's Bonnie Fraser.

Released just a month earlier, Stand Atlantic’s newest single “Hate Me (Sometimes)” brought a new energy as fans in the crowd screamed for this new era of the band. Sammy Clifford of WSTR came out to sing, starting off a night of collaboration between the multiple bands. The Faim’s Stevie Beerkens then joined Stand Atlantic on keyboard for “Toothpick” and “Burn In The Afterthought." Lead singer of The Faim Josh Raven followed his band member on stage for a lively performance of Stand Atlantic’s first single ever released “Coffee At Midnight." The amount of love between the bands was easily visible, and paired especially great with the love from the crowd.

The Faim is a four man band from Perth, Australia. The band consists of singer Josh Raven, bassist/keyboardist Stephen Beerkens, guitarist Samuel Tye and drummer Linden Marrisen. The performance started out with the stage lights red and heated getting the crowd ready for the bands first song, “Saints of the Sinners." When they started singing the mosh pit began and everyone started to get very hyped. They then went on to play their second song, “My Heart Needs to Breathe.” As the chorus started, you could feel that there was a certain type of understanding within the room. A commonality was felt between everyone and anyone who has ever been in a relationship, and the lyrics from the song really resonated with the fans. 

Things start to slow down when they performed their third song, “Beautiful Drama." It was a more heartfelt and powerful performance, and during this time the room started to feel more intimate as the lead singer wanted everyone to get as close to the stage as possible as he sang his fourth song titled, “Infamous." This song got everyone thinking and in their own head space about their infamous qualities within themselves and their relationships. 

The band has done a great job at connecting with every single one of its fans whether or not they had heard their music before or not. They wanted everyone in the SOMA theater to enjoy and have a great night with each other and I believe they definitely accomplished


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written by: Emerson Redding & Simran Budhwani

photos by: Emerson Redding & Simran Budhwani

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