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The Paper Kites Intimate Concert at House of Blues

Dimmed lighting, a cozy stage with make shift window blinds on stage right, soft spoken vocals, and an audience that seemed lost in a trance, The Paper Kites concert was more reminiscent of an intimate night at a cocktail lounge than that of a rock concert at the House of Blues. Even with the subtlety of the bands sound, their performance was far from that as the band managed to utilize their skills and create a space where concert goers could stand in silent bliss and just enjoy the actual music as opposed to having to fight sweaty, drunk individuals in a mosh pit. 

The Paper Kites opened with a couple of their lesser known songs before diving into “Deep Burn Blue,” a track from their most recent album. This resulted in an eruption of applause from the crowd who then settled down into a dreamy and contemplative silence for the remainder of the song as they absorbed the ethereal sounds being created by the band. 

The Paper Kites concert was a change of pace, as many concerts of today aim to be as energetic and adrenaline-ridden as possible. Attending a performance where the crowd was genuinely silent, not because the performance was bad (far from it), but rather because The Paper Kites are masters at creating a space where time stops and the only thing that matters is the music and calming the storms that often go on in our heads every day. It was a real treat and a show I recommend to anyone interested in more mellow music, that doesn’t sacrifice emotion or genuine talent.   

Written By: Alex Vasquez

Photos By: Alex Vasquez

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