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Hailing from Los Angeles, Def Jam artist Troi Irons is a new unique voice in the realm of Alternative and Indie Rock, and came through with her EP Turbulence in the latter half of 2016. In this EP, she brings forth a variety of sounds primarily rooted in Alternative Rock with just a little hint of Hip Hop/R&B sounds in the mix. How did this all work into her project? Let’s discuss.

The project kicks off with “Call Me,” an attention-grabbing, upbeat, guitar-driven pop song. However, while it does grab the listener’s attention, I wouldn’t say that the intro is very indicative of the rest of the project’s aesthetic.

The EP’s personality really starts kicking in with the second track “Peculiar,” which also happens to be the standout track for me. On top of the colorful eastern instrumentation in the verses, that song I feel is what highlights Troi’s biggest strength, which would be her vocals.

There’s no denying she is talented singer and can definitely carry a song without being too showy or reserved. She brings forth her vocals in a different light near the latter end of the EP on “Worst Habit.” This is certainly another standout track on the project, being the most 808 and synth-driven song, while still maintaining the Alternative Rock aesthetic throughout the project.

The biggest shortcomings in the project are definitely the lyrics. For the most part, this EP is glutted with unconvincing, angsty lyrics that makes the project not sit with me, especially in the closing track and lead single “Today.” The chorus reads: “Today I feel like suicide; tomorrow I might say I’m alright,” which I feel is a shallow, dull, ill-inspired depiction of suicide. It’s the kind of song that should definitely feel much sadder than it does.

For what the project is, it’s definitely solid and I can see it sonically reaching out to people. As a matter taste, however, it’s not really project for me.


All in all, Troi, you do have a lot of things going for you. You’ve got a nice singing voice and your music definitely has personality. If I had to give you any sort of advice to improve your music overall, maybe tone down the angst a bit in your lyrics. It’s fine for your first project, but a vital part of growing as an artist is maturing as a person, and I can definitely see your music sitting well with more people with these sort of adjustments. Just keep writing until you find that gem!

Written by Miguel Silva. 

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