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What So Not's Beautiful Things Tour

The Observatory North Park had a fantastic show on April 7th, 2018. They opened its doors on Saturday as electronic dance music fans were treated to an entrancing experience. DJ/producer Chris Emerson or as how he is popularly known by, What So Not. The artist recently released his debut album, Not All The Beautiful Things in March.

What So Not was originally a duo along with another notable producer named Flume. After Flume decided to go off on his own, What So Not has been narrowed down to only one person. After releasing his own debut album, What So Not began the United States leg of his Beautiful Things World Tour. He has brought on Mad Dawg and Duckwrth as his openers for the night.

The show kicked off with a set from a DJ named Mad Dawg. Although i’ve never heard of her before, she had a nice mix to appease the crowd. What I noticed right away was the backdrop behind her. What So Not went all out with props for his set. After Mad Dawg’s set, Duckwrth appeared after.

The rapper came out full of energy and was so lively. He was so charismatic and got the crowd really into it. His style was captivating as he was as fashionable as adapt on the mic. In an interview he did with AMG, which you can find here, he stated how he strived to be like Freddie Mercury or Prince, someone who commanded the crowd with their stage presence. If he keeps it up, he might be able to reach that level as a musician.

After Duckwrth’s set came to an end, What So Not took the stage. It was finally time to see what he was about and he lived up to the expectations. His set included typical things for a DJ such as  strobe LED lights and an impressive platform for him to play on. What really popped out what the massive statue on behind him of a horse, similar to his album cover. Not only that, What So Not’s podium was propped up by two monster truck-type tires, all underneath an electronic drum set and laptop.

What So Not ended the night with a bang and his music was as grand as the stage he was performing on. It was great for him to have Duckwrth as an opener and add variety to the tour. I may not be a huge fan of his music but What So Not knows how to put on a show. If you have a chance to see him, I highly recommend it.

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