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In 2016, The Frights created an event called “You Are Going to Hate This Fest.” The festival was formed as a way to celebrate the release of their album with the same name. The fest has had notable punk bands such as SWMRS, The Garden, The Regrettes, and Tijuana Panthers in their line-ups in previous years. You Are Going to Hate This Fest is already on its third year and in this writer’s opinion, it was the best year yet. Luckily, AMG had the opportunity to cover the event.

The show started at 2 pm and was projected to last until 11 pm. Nine whole hours of music sounds exhausting but it was well worth it. A thing that was nice about YAGTHT compared to other festivals was the schedule for the set times. Usually festivals have multiple artists performing on multiple stages with some of their sets overlapping. With YAGTHT being a smaller fest, you could see one band after another without missing too much of another’s set.

Opening for the fest was The Grinns on Soma’s sidestage. The set up was bands rotating from one playing on sidestage and the next playing on the main stage and continued like this until the last few artists. Cheeks were after The Grinns and both played fantastic sets. A band that caught my ear was a band called Buddha Trixie. They’re a local band from San Diego and they finished their set with this song called “Spirit Bomb”. The song is over seven minutes long but listening to it live, it did not feel like it dragged on. An impressive feat for a song long as that.

Spook School played after and put on a great set. The band hails from Scotland and impressed me with their song “I Want To Kiss You”. Spook School were cool to see live and you can catch them on tour with Diet Cig. One of my favorites of the night were Hunny. I was just entranced by their set and they earned themselves a new fan by the end of the night. Ryan Key, former lead singer of Yellowcard, headlined the sidestage and earned the right to close it out. Whether you’re a fan of his solo stuff or the band’s, you could not help but love his songs.

Diet Cig came after on the mainstage and played classic songs of theirs’s such as “Harvard” and some songs from “Swear I’m Good at This”. One of my favorite songs that they played was “Link In Bio”. I was in love with their performance so much that I bought a hat from their merch table that had those words embroidered on it. The night was wrapping up and Jeff Rosenstock amped up the crowd with his songs and reminded the crowd that they were at a punk show.

Jeff Rosenstock lit up the crowd, but the energy exploded when Together Pangea came on. They win the award for “Most High-Energy Performance of the Night”. The entire middle section of the crowd seemed like they were in an endless mosh pit and it seemed like the best set of the night. However, the show wasn’t over just yet though.

The Frights were of course the headliners of YAGTHT and had big shoes to fill after Together Pangea’s set. The band played a lot of crowd favorites and had the most memorable performance. The Frights threw gigantic beach balls and cardboard cut outs of famous figures into the crowd throughout their entire set. The only disappointing moment was that they only played less than ten songs before leaving the stage. They made up for it when they came back for their encore and played “Kids” and a cover of the Beastie Boy’s “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)”. YAGTHT 3 went beyond my expectations and I want to give a huge shoutout to every single band that played.

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