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Bleached Keep on Keepin' On at The Observatory North Park

On the last week of May, bands like The Hive and Refused were coming down to San Diego to rock out at The Observatory North Park. As great as their music is, they weren't the ones I was excited to see. I was pumped to see the amazing band that hailed from Los Angeles otherwise know as Bleached. While this wasn't my first time seeing them and will surely not be my last, it was my first time seeing them perform in San Diego. I've been huge fans to punk rock bands such as The Regrettes, Fidlar, and Hunny, so it's no surprise that I would also be infatuated with Bleached as well.

My first time seeing Bleached was near where the band formed at the Echo in Los Angeles. I saw them perform with Fidlar when both were still relatively new. Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, two sisters that were in previous bands before, rocked the stage utilizing the years of the experience they have to their advantage. Both of them were shredding it on guitar and Jennifer still impressed me with her singing.

They played popular songs of their's such as "Wednesday Night Melody" and a personal favorite of mine, "Keep On Keepin' On". With their new album Don't You Think You Had Enough? being set to drop in July, they even played some new songs such as the incredibly named "Shitty Ballet" and "Hard to Kill". While they may be on tour as opener, I hope to see them perform back in San Diego on their own in the near future. If you're in the mood to mosh and listen to some good punk rock then seeing Bleached live is a good use of your money.

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